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Themes of the Day

Major aspects of Earth Sciences that are particularly relevant for society today will be highlighted during the 33rd IGC. More than 80 international leading experts will contribute to the programme for these seven days of plenary lectures. Seven themes have been selected for particular emphasis. They are all related to the priorities of the International Years of Planet Earth. In parallel with the Congress symposia program, each day of the meeting will highlight one of these major themes.

The themes include Global geology; Early life and evolution; Climate change; Geohazards; Water, health, and environment; Mineral resources; Energy resources and the future; and Planetary geoscience. The programme focuses on both scientific and societal aspects of each theme. Speakers for the lunchtime StatoilHydro key-note lectures are Richard Fortey, Gerald Haug, Herbert Einstein, Ghislain deMarsily, Neil Williams, Mark Moody Stuart, and Maria Zuber.

Rock avalanche. Western Norway.
Photo: Lars Harald Blikra, Geological Survey of Norway.

Wednesday 6 August: Global Geology

Thursday 7 August:
Early life, evolution and biodiversity

Friday 8 August:
Climate change - past, present, future: How much is anthropogenic?

Saturday 9 August: Geohazards: Can society cope?

Monday 11 August:
Water, human health and the environment

Tuesday 12 August:
Mineral resources in a fast growing global economy: Are there any natural limits?

Wednesday 13 August:
The energy race: What will be the future energy mix?

Thursday 14 August:
Earth and beyond - a cosmic perspective

The daily schedule for the ‘Themes of the Day’ are being built up around lunch-time Plenary Lectures, the ‘StatoilHydro Lecture’ preceded by morning sessions of related geoscience. Afternoon sessions will focus on the relevance of the theme for society and include social, economic, political and other aspects. A panel debate and press conference will be held at the end of the day.

 33rd IGC Themes of the day -Schedule

Morning session

(6-8 Invited lectures)

Lunchtime (12:00-13:00)



StatoilHydro Plenary Lecture

Afternoon session

Political, economic and social aspects
 (4-6 Invited lectures)


Panel debate
Press conference

Themes of the Day