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International Year of Planet Earth (IYPE)              PE
Topical symposia related to the IYPE are being coordinated by Ed de Mulder and Edward Derbyshire; they are convened by the theme leaders.

For summaries of the International Year of Planet Earth symposia click here

PEC-01 (withdrawn) 
PED-01 Deep Earth: - from crust to core Sierd Cloetingh, Jörg F.W. Negendank (ILP)

PEE-01 Earth and Health: - building a safer environment Olle Selinus et al.  Invited speakers: Olle Selinus, Bob Finkelman, José Centeno, Jane Plant, Eiliv Steinnes, Edward Derbyshire 

PEL-01 (cancelled) 

PEG-01 Groundwater: - reservoir for a thirsty planet Tony Jones et al.  

PEH-01 Hazards: - minimizing risk, maximizing awareness Tom Beer et al.  

PEM-01 Megacities: - our global urban future Frauke Kraas et al.

PEO-01 (withdrawn) 

PER-01 Non-renewable resources - towards their sustainable use
Richard Sinding-Larsen et al.

PES-01 (withdrawn) 

PES-02 The Earth's Critical Zone and Hydropedology Henry Lin, Alexander Gennadiyev, Michael Sommer  Invited speakers: Larry Wilding, Vala Ragnarsdottir, Iain Young, Harry Vereecken, Lis Wollesen de Jonge 
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