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Workshops are not open for abstract submission. They are arranged by the specified leaders. Register your participation on the web. Those who need more information should take contact with the respective leaders.

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WSS-01 (withdrawn)

WSS-02 see GHZ-12

WSS-03 Delivery of geoscience information using web services Bruce Simons, John Laxton (CGI-IUGS)

WSS-04 Funding geological research - the challenges for Earth system science Harold R. Lane, Yupeng Yao, Sören Dürr

WSS-05 Geoconservation for sustainable development and Earth science propagation, geoheritage, geosites, geoparks Bill Wimbledon, Joy Jaqueline Pereira, Todor Todorov, Il'ya Fishman, Lars Erikstad, Francesco Zarlenga (IUGS-ProGEO, IUGS-GEM)

WSS-06 Geoscience education in colleges and universities in Africa Rosemary Olive Mbone Enie, Barth N. Ekwueme

WSS-07 Impact structures Henning Dypvik, Alex Deutsch, Elin Kalleson

WSS-08 (Cancelled)

WSS-09 Lapland Granulite Belt (LGB) and 1.9 Ga assembling of the Northeastern Baltic (Fennoscandian) Shield Pekka Tuisku, Pekka Heikkinen, Hannu Huhma (IGCP 509)

WSS-10 Molar-tooth structures (in calcite spar) Nils-Martin Hanken, Xianghua Meng, Jesper Kresten Nielsen 

WSS-11 New developments in stratigraphic classification Maria Bianca Cita, Chris Kendall, Andreas Strasser, Stan Finney (ICS), see also symposium HPS-12

WSS-12 see SCS-10

WSS-13 Paleontological data analysis and modelling Øyvind Hammer et al.

WSS-14 PaleoParks: The conservation and preservation of paleontological sites worldwide Jere H. Lipps et al.

WSS-15 (withdrawn)

WSS-16 (Cancelled)

WSS-17 Sustainable mineral resource management - industrial minerals and aggregates Deborah Shields, Slavko Solar

WSS-18 Trondhjemites, tonalites, plagiogranites and adakites: Similarities, differences and petrogenesis Jan Hertogen, David Roberts, R.B. Pedersen, Joseph Cotten

WSS-19 Urban geochemical mapping methods Rolf Tore Ottesen, Kaj Lax, Timo Tarvainen

WSS-20 Radon risk mapping: From soil-gas to indoor concentrations Peter Bossew, Grégoire Dubois, Tore Tollefsen, Ivan Barnet, Mark Smethurst

WSS-21 Issues for geologists in 21st century - mitigation of man's influence and serving society's needs Isabel Fernandez Fuentes, Herald Ligtenberg (EFG)

WSS-22 The future workforce of the geosciences – a global crisis? Christopher M. Keane et al.

Workshops and Short Courses