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  Sessions grouped by Symposia
  - Each Symposium consists of sessions comprising oral and poster presentations.
- Codes in the first column denote the sessions, grouped by Special, Topical and General Symposia.
- Numbers in the second column indicate the chronological order of each session during the Congress.
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  Sessions in chronological order (day by day)
  How to read the table:
Numbers in the first column denote the chronological order of the 336 sessions during the Congress.
Example: sessions from 1 to 44 will be held during the first day of the Congress: Saturday 21st , August 2004
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  Scientific Sessions: detailed program
  How to read the program
- The 336 sessions are listed in chronological order during the eight days of the Congress. Within each session, oral and poster presentations are numbered progressively.

How to find the detailed program of a session
- Go to the first table "Sessions grouped by Symposia".
- Find your session using the code in the first column (example: T37.03).
- Find the corresponding new session number (example: 3).
- Go to "Scientific Sessions: detailed program" and use the new session number to find the detailed program of the session.
- Starting time and Room in which the session will be held are reported below the session title
(example: 9:00, Room 3).
- Each presentation (oral or poster) is labeled with two numbers indicating the session and the progressive number of presentation. For poster presentations the booth number is specified. An asterisk denotes the presenter.
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  Index of Authors (Scientific Sessions)
  How to use the index
- The first number indicates the number of the session in which the talk or poster is presented
- The second number indicates the presentation order of the talk or poster within each session
- The asterisk indicates the presenter
- The symbol (c) indicates that the presentation has been canceled
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