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Field trips

Please click here for the electronic version of the Field Trip guides

The confirmed Field Trips are listed below. The field trips that have been canceled for insufficient enrolling are reported at the end of the list. The fees of Pre-Congress and Post-Congress Field Trips include transportation, full board accommodation, guidebook and insurance (exceptions are clearly indicated). The fees of During Congress Field Trips include transportation, lunch, guidebook and insurance. Only registrants to the Congress may register for Field Trips. Those interested in participating in any listed Field Trip are kindly requested to register as soon as possible (see Congress Registration Form). It will be possible to register for Pre-Congress or Post-Congress Field Trips until the maximum enrollment is reached. On-site registration will only be possible for Field Trips that take place during and after the Congress, in the limit of the maximum enrollment. Further information about Field Trips can be found in the 32nd IGC official website and in the 32nd IGC Second Circular. The Guidebooks of both confirmed and canceled field trips will be published.

For further logistic information, contact the Organizing Secretariat at the following email:

For further scientific information, contact the Field Trip Committee at the following email:
LEONELLO SERVA(Chairman of the Field Trip Committee)

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